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Good Morning, Christmas is almost here ready or not!
I was thi670540_bethlehem_star_2nking about a Christmas time past when I was busier than today and I want to share with you a vignette I had written for a Christmas program several years ago.

One of the most exciting times I have had in my life is being a part of the creative writing class I was attending at Oak Hills. The Worship Ministry asked the class to help write vignettes for the Christmas program. I volunteered before I knew what I was doing, there were three of us and then we were told we had to perform what we had written, Oh Noooo!
This is what I wrote that Christmas.
Come with me and listen to what the Lord may have said as he watches over
Mary and Joseph as they journey to Bethlehem;

Be still and listen to me…
As I whisper your name so your heart can hear…
On rocky paths and desert places
I will be with you…
Your names are written on my hand, ever before me.

I made the sunset colors fade…
As the moon takes its place…
I filled the desert night
With fragrance for your delight…

Come… now is the time,
Events have been set in motion
I have chosen a destiny that you cannot imagine
Treasure these moments in your heart…

When joy turns into sorrow, know this:
The enemy is defeated…
My song will rise and live forever
I will transform you with hope and grace…

My beloved,
How precious you are to me
Stay ever close…
Bethlehem is near, do you see…
Be still and listen to me…


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