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My Portion and My Prize

Good Afternoon,

The 1st Wednesday service was great; there was a sweet presence of the LORD filling our space. My only concern is that the music was too loud and I felt like I was yelling and it was a bit embarrassing. It might be me, but I don’t recall it being that distracting/loud before.

I want to share about my first week of the New Year. It has already been a delight.  There was a word to keep open my eyes open, to see how Father GOD is working not only in big amazing things, but also in the little amazing moments.

Tuesday when I came home for lunch, the property maintenance started blowing the leaves and it was so very loud and annoying. I just wanted some peace and quiet for lunch, it sounded so close as if they were in the house. I got up to take a little peek out the blinds… To my shock I saw two men on my patio cleaning the big pile of leaves/branches!  I closed the blinds quickly and laughed and thanked God over and over again and went back to eating my lunch to the music of the machines cleaning my patio.  It is amazing how quickly the tune can change.

You need to know that when I moved in the landlady said she didn’t have time to clean the patio is it ok? I thought sure I can do it. Not until I started to clean it did I think that was a mistake. I collected a large trash bag and ½ of leaves and branches.  There was more I just couldn’t get the rest, several months later I tried again.  Then it started to rain and got cold and I was not going out there. It is a small patio I don’t understand how it can accumulate so fast.  So this was a blessing for me, it might not be too much for anyone else, but for me I was delighted and felt special.

Every day it has been something else, like getting in and out of traffic with minimal effort. At work we finally have a new boss after a year of not having one and she seems like the perfect person for the job.  Even discussing the 1st Wednesday service with my son about praying for someone who is a producer for a TV station and how she was frustrated. I told him I prayed for her to know the influence she has and that she is standing at the gate, that God has placed her there for a purpose and that as a believer she has authority in her position and where she walks every step belongs to God and prayed other things for her.  That is when my son mentioned his job and I prayed the same prayer over him. God is so good, all glory goes to Him. This came to me as I was writing this:

This new year breathe your life into my soul so I may live for you.
Carry me under the shadow of your wings.
I can hear your whispers reminding me who I am in you.
I hide myself in your secret place where I can breathe in your presence.
Where your fragrance fills the air and flows through me like a river.
Lord, I have chosen you alone as my inheritance.
You are my prize, my pleasure, and my portion.
I leave my destiny and its timing in your hands.
Your pleasant path leads me to pleasant places.
I’m overwhelmed by the privileges
That comes with following you,
For you have given me the best!

Psalm 16:1-11 for inspiration



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