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First Hostage by Joel Rosenberg

At the heart of Rosenberg’s latest political series The Third Target and The First Hostage, is a fictional New York Times reporter trying to understand what Apocalyptic Islam is and get ahead of the coming attacks.

Now a front-page story in the New York Times, headlined, “U.S. Strategy Seeks To Avoid ISIS Prophecy,” shows how a real-life New York Times reporter is trying to understand Apocalyptic Islam and is reporting about a possible U.S. showdown with ISIS in the Syrian town of Dabiq—something ripped right out of Rosenberg’s novels.

As The First Hostage unfolds, ISIS leaders are trying feverishly to draw the U.S. and the Western powers (“the forces of Rome”) into a bloody ground war in Syria. Why? In order to fulfill Islamic prophecies about an apocalyptic End Times battle in an obscure Syrian town called Dabiq and establishes a global Islamic kingdom or caliphate.

The First Hostage is full of action, romance, hope and struggles with good and evil, this series reads like a movie waiting to happen.  A well told story with substance, twists, a behind the scenes look on how international security is played out and seems all too real considering the world environment, I couldn’t put it down till I was finished. If political thrillers interest you then set some time aside in a comfy chair to enjoy this story.

If you never tried one of Rosenberg’s stories and want to try something you haven’t read before I highly recommend this story. I also recommend Rosenberg’s other political thrillers,  The Twelfth Imam, The Tehran Initiative and Damascus Countdown , imagined a scenario in which Iran’s Shia Muslim leaders, driven by their genocidal belief in End Times Islamic prophecies, built an arsenal of nuclear weapons and set into motion a plan to annihilate Israel and the United States.

Received copy of book from the Tyndale BlogNetwork for my review


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