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The Lord sets boundaries in pleasant places.

We are covenant sons and daughters of the Most High God,

And we do rest in the truth that you love us.

Your word brings light to our eyes; your word is the very breath we take

Your voice thunders across the heavens, we are captivated by your laughter

We delight in the sound of heaven, to be settled in that place of joy

To be accepted, bring us more joy, more delight, release in us the fragrance

Of your presence to give us audacious courage; for the enemy is always near


The enemy is hiding in their place of darkness and shadows.

They are set against me, don’t they know,

Lord that I have made you my only hiding place,

Don’t they know I always trust in you? You are my secure shelter,

My justice; you are the only place of protection for me.

I will yet celebrate with passion and joy; I will sing my song in

The shadow of your wings which is my hiding place

You have made me into a miracle no wonder I trust in you.

I am overflowing with praise for all you have done for me.

I will sing of your faithful love for me.

I will wait upon the Lord and sing a new song of praise.



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