Uncategorized · Whispers from the Father's Heart/Encouraging Words


Little one,

Do not doubt God’s approval of you for His faithfulness and His commitment to you knows no limits. He longs to pour His grace and mercy on your wounded heart. When you are hurting please know this, that you can always run to Him and throw yourself at His feet bearing your soul, He will not judge you.

Allow His presence to fill you again with His courage and the strength that comes when you feel so absolutely loved and accepted. Accept that you are His special treasure and delights in you.

You will reign, not in your own strength, but in the power and authority that belongs to you beloved, and you will, like Moses, have authority to influence your heavenly Father to intervene on behalf of those you love.

GOD Almighty knows your name and grants you favor. Receive understanding of His ways and thoughts for you and be filled with audacious courage to do great exploits.


Lamentations 3:22-23 Deuteronomy 7:6  Daniel 11:32 Psalm 28:7 Psalm 66:19 Joshua 1:9


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