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Defend Me

I don’t know about you but some days seem to start without you and if feels like you are trying to catch up. This was one of those days for me  and I wrote this feeling the need to be defended: I know that I live under the protection of the Most High GOD, but I still feel the chaos that surrounds me beyond that protection.

Forever I will lift up my soul into your presence for I put my trust in you.You surround me with your truth and set me upon pleasant paths of love and faithfulness.As you show me the paths of righteousness favor will be my portion. You have reserved for me a private place to sit with me and I will listen to the secrets of your promises.

Rescue me, defend me against my enemies you are my only hope. Will I ever get over the shame and violence against my very soul? No one sees me, no one knows the real me, How Long, Oh Lord, must I endure? Take away the pain that my heart feels, Take away the shame my eyes see, Oh, had I wings of a Dove…I would fly away and be at rest…

Lord your love has poured out so many blessings on my land. Restore my heart so that I will never again be in the pit of despair. Revive me again, give me a fresh start. I wat to taste and see that the Lord is good; he will fill me with joy and gladness. Restore me back to you.

Awaken the feelings, long ago buried.  I want to hide in the private place under the shadow of your wings…Take me to a place of safety. To the meadow of flowers that display your faithfulness and bloom all over the land.

Your name be glorified there is no one like you; the one true hero who is faithful and true and covers me with a shield of love and protection. My heart bursts with praise now and forever will bow to your name; I will never give up or be impatient and I will be brave with an audacious courage and never lose hope. I will keep waiting in peace for He will never disappoint. I can be free to be all that I am for great is the promise I have in you my LORD the one who defends me.

Inspired by: Psalm 27:14, Isaiah 44:3-4, Psalm 86:12, Psalm 5:12,  Psalm 3:3



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