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Super Bloom

Good Morning,

Last week and the weekend went entirely too fast, luckily today I have the day off. I worked most of the weekend on a couple of projects that soon I will tell you about. To take a break I saw a video segment on CBN, there were no still pictures and had to screen print quickly. I think I caught a good picture:

Death Valley California, the driest place on earth, is experiencing what they call a super bloom. The land is alive with blooms of flowers and other things that come with flowers. Amazingly beautiful, I think it should be taken as a sign. In this new season God is going to do miracles in our midst if we keep the eyes of our understanding open. You may be feeling dead and dry, maybe for years, but there are seeds planted in you that are waiting for just the right condition to break forth and show God’s beauty.

The seed that is in you can be transplanted in others when we use our VOICE to speak GOD’s word. One of the ways Satan uses persecution is to wear down the people of grace so that they would hold back and not speak God’s word. Once you realize that Satan’s authority is limited, God’s people who radiate grace have the authority to speak God’s word over our situations, over our families, over our own destiny and even over the enemy and the enemy will flee.

Inspired by: Romans 8:18-20  Ephesians 1:17-19


Now go out this week and radiate grace and expect God to show up and show off!


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