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When at first Math cannot explain look to Art…

Good Morning, We had a lot of rain here this morning already, I would enjoy it more if I didn’t have to get out in it and go to work…

I found a couple of quotes that I wanted to share with you. I love art and artists; I love music and musicians, Books and authors, and all those other people who are creative in ways unique to them. I admire people who dare to create with simple things and in extraordinary ways influence the multitudes.

Art is how
we decorate space.

 Music is how
we decorate time.

And books are how
we decorate infinity.

 John Kremer  Interesting idea…

 But Art is never just decoration…music is the pulse of humanity’s heartbeat and visual art is the light that illuminates the path. Glenda Martin Shirley Another very interesting idea

Did you know? 

Vincent van Gogh 60 years before Andrey Kolmogorov  (1941) developed an equation that is pretty close, not exact, to describing how turbulence works in nature.
Vincent van Gogh while in a state of self-alleged psychological turmoil painted “Starry Night” in which the sky’s shimmering swirls depict turbulence with eddies that nearly matched those of Kolmogorov’s future equation.

When at first Math cannot explain look to Art…In this case,  it seems ART had transcended knowledge.In Van Gogh’s deepest pain he was able to paint the beauty of God’s creation. If you need to figure out Math try painting first…

starry night    What do you think?

Inspiration: Isaiah 61:1-3 Romans 5:1-5 Psalm 19:1-4

If you are interested in learning more about Van Gogh and this painting with regards to math click on the link below.



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