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Little One

When I first started hearing GOD, He called me “Little One” it was the sweetest sound. The sound of my savior’s voice filled me with His love and comfort.  I would always know it was Him when He called me that name.

There are so many parts of me that are broken

Yet He still searches for me and draws me close

Whispers to my heart and tells me I’m beautiful

Though now He calls me beloved, the archer of His Word, and other terms of endearment meant just for me; there are times I still hear him call me “Little One”

Little one, faith is not mindless ignorance as some would have you think. It simply refuses to limit God. Your God is big and awesome mighty in power. Trust in me I will not fail you.

Remember I Am able to do immeasurably more than all you ask or imagine. Nothing compares to this grace that rescues you. All that you are lay them down at the cross. You will find that all you need is to stand in my presence.  I will keep your heart safe, surrender all to me. I Am your shield and defender.

Jude 24 Ephesians 3:20 Isaiah 62:4 Psalm  68:34-35

Take the time to hear God whisper to your heart this week

new mercies


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