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Guess WHAT! I finally decided to set up a website; I am so excited to tell you about it. First of all David Munoz is the guy who was so creative in doing this for me. He is the best and you can find him on Facebook, or at DavidMunozArt.com. David has done the art for the blessings and other things that I will have available. Everything I will have available has been prayed over from beginning to end of creating and making it ready for purchase.


My website is http://www.poetwriterdreamer.com/

I invite you to visit the website and look around and if you want to comment or send a message I would be thrilled. If you do not see a name, scripture, or prophetic poetry that you are looking for, I will customize one for you. If you are interested contact me about pricing and details.

If you want to sign up for my weekly posts send me an email and I will add you to my email list, or sign up on the blog.  I am still figuring out “how to” on the blog and the website. Please share with any and every one you think might be interested.



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