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He Knows My Name

IamNotReadyHappy Monday Morning … Wait! Sorry it’s Tuesday…I don’t know what happened, but the week has begun, ready or not!

Just imagine what it means for someone to know your name. In years past, you didn’t call someone by their first name unless you were invited to do so. You allowed another person to come close enough to speak your name, which implies a relationship or the beginning of one.

When you speak someone’s name you are bringing them into your space and making them comfortable, liked, needed, and accepted.

I was listening to a pod cast regarding Adam naming the animals and plants. The words in Hebrew mean that he had knowledge to name them and when he first saw Eve he named her woman.  He knew she was like him. But when he named her Eve he “knew her”, he had a relationship with her.

The premise that God wants you and me to know Him because He is a personal God; He knows your name it has been inscribed on the palm of His hand since before time began. He delights in your name; you are precious in His sight. Listen  and you will hear Him calling your name, calling you closer to hear His voice speaking the name He gave you long before you knew Him, long before you understood the gift of love that was poured out for you.

He calls us: chosen, free, forgiven, wanted, a covenant child of the King, a treasure, and forever we are loved. God made us personal, longing to be known and God gave us our names so that we would be known to Him and among each other.

I still find it hard to believe that He came to save someone like me and wants to connect with me. Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His faithful love endures forever!

Psalm 136:1, 1 Chronicles 16:34, Isaiah 43:1-2,

Have a blessed week!


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