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In The Early Morn

Good Morning dear friends here is something that came to me in the early morning hours, I hope it encourages you today.

I am energized every time I enter your Heavenly Sanctuary to seek more of you and drink in more of your glory.

In the early morn’ soft rain falling

Like a lullaby sweetly singing

The breath of life flowing in and out

The sound of rain fills my soul

Holy Spirit whispering gentle words

As I listen quietly for the Spirit’s music

Telling me secrets of the day…

Fall in step to the rhythm of life

Holy Spirit gently sings as

The earth soaks in the rain

Calling me to join in the praise

Gently whispers to my heart…

He rain is gone don’t you see?

The season has changed

The time for hiding is over

The rains have soaked the earth

And left blossoming flowers

The vines are in blossom

Filling the air with their fragrance

The cooing of birds fills the air with song

Awaken to this new day of destiny

Arise and run with me to the higher place

For now is the time to come away with me.


Inspired: Song of Solomon 2:11-14, Psalm 63:2, Isaiah 60:1



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