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The Path

Happy Monday! My day began ahead of me, but I knew where I was going so it is OK and this is a little late in the day. I hope your week got off to a great start. I had an opportunity to be part of a ministry prayer team with Rosa teaching and Diane and I praying and a few others. The ladies were so open to hear from God, so generous with us. There were testimonies from a few of them: coming to the end of their strength and finally letting God handle it and trusting and having faith, not losing hope. Below is a little of what God gave me.

 The Lord directs my way and establishes my path that leads to a place of safety.
The Lord rescued me because He delights and takes pleasure in me
The Lord has entrusted me with talent and gifts to use to display His grace.
 I will sing a new song with praises and shouts of joy!
 I wait quietly before the Lord, for my hope and expectation is in Him.
 Holy Spirit, guide me to do the right thing, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with my GOD.
 By His mercy, my wilderness is turned into a refreshing pool and my desert into springs of healing waters.

Inspired: Psalm 37:23 Psalm 96:1 2 Samuel 22:20 Micah 6:8 Isaiah 41:18



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