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Show Me

Spent a long weekend enjoying friends and resting in a rustic location on the Medina River, this is a “warm up” to my vacation in Idaho. This is my third “mini vacation” I believe it is important to work up to enjoying the main vacation to visit my daughter. I am enjoying this season of my life. Below is my Monday morning thoughts:

I praise you Father God for you are good and your love and mercy endures forever. Thank you for the opportunities that come my way to rest in your presence. Spirit of the living God show me how to love like you love me, show me how to love others as you love.  Pull on the strings of my heart, for I want to respond to you. Your faithful love never gives up on me or leaves me empty.

Show me how to love again. As the deer pants for water, my soul longs for you. Fill me up I am hungry for more of you. Only you can satisfy the longing of my heart; my heart yearns for you Jesus.

You listen to my words Lord, consider my inner thoughts, and listen to my cry.  In the morning you hear my voice as I lay my needs before you and I watch expectantly. I can enter your house by the abundance of your faithful love and grace.

Lord, lead me in your righteousness and make my way straight before me. Let all who take refuge in you, rejoice. May you fill those who love you with abundant joy.  For you LORD, bless the godly; you surround them with a shield of love.

Capture my heart again; fill me with your loving kindness. Spirit of the living God come and fill me with your fire, drown me in your river of grace and mercy. You are everything I need.

“Don’t be afraid, stay close to me, and keep your focus on things above. Come to me I am all you need. Be refreshed in the shadow of my wings. You will not be shaken or moved. I am the Truth, and the Way in me you will have life. Come and stay with me, Talk to me, I love hearing your sweet voice. Talk to me with singing, talk to me with a loud voice, talk to me with a whisper. I will hear you and will answer you and tell you things you need to know. I want you to live from your inheritance not your past, you have been purchased at a costly price and everything I give rightly belongs to you. You were made to love, my child you are the apple of my eye. Only I can satisfy the longing in your heart. My grace will help you live in the fullness of all I AM”

Psalm 5:1-3,11-12, 1 Peter 2:9,  Psalm 15, Deuteronomy 28:1-14



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