Whispers from the Father's Heart/Encouraging Words


Happy Monday Morning,

It is a beautiful Idaho morning, the days have been pleasant and the nights bring a chill and the promise of autumn soon coming. I will be sharing more in coming days.

You surround your people with shields of love and peace.

Your grace has lifted me up, Your mercy endures forever.

I stand to declare my soul surrenders and all I am is yours.

The LORD is good and worthy of praise, Your mercy endures forever.

I worship and adore You, your favor rests on me

There is a place for me in the secret place on your wings of grace, Your mercy endures forever.

Lead me to your heart so I can hear from you and see your wonders.

I can see your light shining all the way to me, Your mercy endures forever.

Pour Your Living Water into the hearts of your thirsty people.

Psalm 5:12, Isaiah 62:6-7, 1 Chronicles 16:34,

My prayer is that we never lose the wonder of His mercy and sing His Hallelujah Forever and Ever Amen. As you go about your week open your eyes of your heart to see the wonders and mercy of our LORD

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