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The Mystery of Yshkeni

In my research I discovered this mystery can be a bit controversial –  but I decided to let you in on the mystery and ask that you read/listen with your spirit.

What do you think of when you hear the word worship?

If you said music, words of praise, hymns, you would be partly correct. These things are an outward expression of worship. What is the heart of worship?

The answer is in the word proskuneo, which appears in the New Testament and only in the Greek. In various places, the word worship is used in its place.  The word proskuneo, which means to kiss, the most intimate of acts; Therefore worship is to be the most intimate thing you can experience. To worship God is to kiss God. In the spiritual realm to kiss from your heart, from your inner most being, you do it freely from your heart because you want to.

A kiss is an expression of joy, and kissing brings you joy and your joy becomes worship and your worship becomes joy. So true worship is an expression of love and joy as simple as kissing God.

Draw near to God in worship, in love, in joy and in the deepest of intimacy. Worship is the secret of kissing God.

The mystery of Yishkeni: The Divine Kiss – when heaven meets earth with an unforeseen kiss

Inspired: Psalm 42:7-8; Song of Solomon 1:2; John 4:24

I really like this song click on link below – the artist is Becka Shae -have a moment and kiss God with your worship


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