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The Mystery of The Ohel Moed

I am taking a class that is about learning to dwell with God, to expect to hear from God in a normal natural everyday sort of way. Today’s mystery speaks into this lesson of making a space for God.

Imagine an open expanse of the desert completely filled up with tents.  This might be what it would have looked like when the Hebrews journeyed through the wilderness.

Now look closely do you see the one tent that stood apart from the rest? It is called the Ohel Moed, the Tent of the Appointed Time, or Tent of Meeting. It was the tent of God’s presence, where God and man met together.

Now imagine you were in the camp, how would you find that tent? You would simply walk to the center. The Tent of Meeting; was always set up in the center of the camp. The entire camp placement was determined by its location.

What does this mean for you and me? Every child of God must dwell with God in prayer, worship, and communion and to dwell with God, you must build a tent of meeting.

How do we do this? By setting apart an appointed time every day and establishing its parameters for one regular and sacred purpose to meet with God. This is your tent of meeting, your appointed time to meet with God. The tent of meeting must always be set up in the center of your schedule, the center of everything you do. If it is not the center, then every other thing will crowd it out of existence.

You do not fit your time with God around your activities; you fit your day around your time with God. If you want God to fill your life every day in power, grace, and mercy, build a space and time for your relationship with God. The sacred meetings of that relationship can only occupy one place in your life and that is the center. When you do this, everything else will fall into its place.

Exodus 24:15-17, 25:8-9; Matthew 6:6

Today build a space and time for your tent of meeting.  Be intentional to place it in the center of your day and life. Your space becomes your lifeline to The Hope of Glory.

Anyplace you set aside to meet with God can become a dedicated space.


Author’s Note: this is a review of a devotional listing from “The Book of Mysteries” by Jonathan Cahn. It is sometimes hard to give an overall review on devotional books that I decided to take a day or two and have some fun with it. I hope that the information would interest you enough to buy the book and to enjoy the devotionals daily.



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