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Restoring Christmas: A Novel

In Restoring Christmas, we get a front row seat as Alexis attempts to restore an old house as part of a reality TV competition (think HGTV/Fixer Upper). Much to her chagrin, she finds herself at the mercy of an unexpected camera-man, unplanned lodging, and an uncooperative home owner. Somewhere along the way, through the ups and downs of home restoration and TV show filming; her work with Gabe on Elsie’s house becomes more about restoring their souls than the wood or paint.

The beauty of the Christmas dinner scene is one of the most touching Christmassy scenes in the story. A perfect way to show off the restoration of the house and of the hearts of those connected to it.

Restoring Christmas takes a grace-filled look at grief, insecurity, addiction, abuse, loneliness, and dementia. Ruchti’s talent offers the reader a delightful tale that will warm your heart and maybe even restore it too. Additionally, the hardcover is just lovely and makes a great addition to your bookshelf or coffee table.

A moving story of home and heart restoration. If you’re a fan of home restoration shows, then you’ll love Restoring Christmas. More than just a sweet romance or an uplifting story worthy of the Hallmark channel (a perfect choice), it’s a great Christmas read to add to your holiday festivities.

Received a digital copy of book from Worthy Publishing’s First Look blog tour.



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