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God With Us

Good Monday Morning, I hope your Christmas activities left you energized with the true meaning of the season. I came across this prophetic word from Shirley Weaver Ministries, it spoke to me and I would like to share it with you.

This Christmas the Lord will not allow you to get off into another wilderness, another wrong setting, and certainly not another relationship that takes you away from His presence! This year you will face it. When you do, worship will be the next thing you experience. Remain there. Heal there. You are in His Hand.

I prophesy this Christmas your experience will be “Emmanuel, God is present with us.”

He comes. He reveals. O come, O come! Emmanuel!

 Jesus came to attack satan’s authority over man and set us free from bondage.

My prayer is that your experience with Emmanuel this Christmas will continue throughout the coming year. Remember if you do not make room for the new, the old will occupy your space. Ask Holy Spirit, to lead you into the presence of Jesus. To lead you to where you hear His voice, to guide , to sit at His feet, where He can correct you and, in His love, heal you; where He can shower you with His blessings.

Philippians 3:14, Isaiah 43:18-19

Messiah is the reason for every season!



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