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Dance With Me Again

I believe the Lord is saying to me and probably to others: To not be afraid to step out, he is leading, all we have to do is follow. Sometimes it is to move forward and other times it will be a season of being still before him and learn from him. Whichever it is we need to listen to his voice and to do that we need to get close to his heart.

The lord is inviting his beloved to let your heart dance with him again:  I will turn your mourning into dancing and give you beauty for ashes and give you a garment of praise to replace your despair. Do not be afraid to dance, for I am the one who leads you on and restores your life.

The world will see my favor on you when you move to the beat of my heart. It is time to put on your dancing shoes again. Listen to the song I play only for your spirit,  a song that will make your heart beat with mine. My love, be strengthened in my grace and be surrounded with my songs of joy.

Do not hesitate to accept this invitation, I have chosen you before time began. I will transform all of your wailings into a twirling dance of praise. I will wrap you in garments of praise. I put the desire to dance on the clouds over your enemies in your soul. Stay in step with me and I will restore you and your dreams. Know this; I keep my promises for I Am faithful.

Listen as I whisper to you in the night, things you need to know as you begin each day to fulfill your dreams.  Place your heart in my hands and be ready to move in step with me.  I will show you new dance steps and new songs to sing all the days of your life.

Blessings from the God who dances and sings over you!

Inspired:  Psalm 30:11-12 Zephaniah 3:17 Psalm 138:8 Jeremiah 29:11 Psalm 23:5

Praying you will see the blessings of God’s plans unfold for you in the days ahead.



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