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Alabaster Box

I was reading through some old journals and came across a devotional I wrote a few years ago. This is one of my favorite ones. I had written this regarding a friend of mine who at the time was struggling with some issues and disappointments. Even though she did not see it at the time, I saw through Jesus’ eyes and saw her as innocent, kind, yet strong and that she would overcome as she surrendered her circumstances to Jesus. The Lord gave me this updated version to share with you.

Is God is calling you to fall before Him in surrender to let go of the guilt of the past, and the opinions of people.  Embrace His love and forgiveness. You are a child of the King, highly favored and loved, but most importantly, you have been rescued, so forgive yourself and give to Him your secrets and disappointments. Break your alabaster box and pour out your precious perfume on His feet. For the One who speaks life into those dry places, the One who allows hope to rise up within your soul, the One that will turn your ashes into beauty bids you to come and lay it all down.

I am the Melody you sing, and the Dance in your steps,
I Am the Laughter in your eyes and the Cry in your heart.
Ask of me and I will answer

Some see your past, but I understand your destination,
The Pen of the Lord is not finished with your life.

I have put something deep down inside of you,
That is incredible and waiting to burst forth,
For My promises in you are True and Amen.

In the alabaster box of spilt sorrows,
Regrettable failures, opportunities missed, and
Dreams not yet realized…

Comes the anointing for new beginnings of delight and joy
For every dream you have sacrificed will come to light in Me.
Look thru My eyes.  Turn to me and learn of Me.

I AM your Counselor, Everlasting lover, Provider, Everything.
Draw close to me and never let go, embrace your destiny
Join me in the intimate dance of life

Inspiration: Isaiah 61:3, Isaiah 43:25, 2 Corinthians 1:20, Lamentations 3:22-23



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