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Hear the Whisper of the Father’s Heart

I awoke early and planned my day and the week with Father God. My need for wisdom, compassion, and love is greatly needed for the many things I will encounter. His gentle whisper came through and I heard:

I will continue to restore your heart. There will be a great victory when you focus on my word as it is written on your heart and soul. You will find My Spirit invading your soul with power, love and revelation light. I have invested sacred blood for your journey and you will never fail as you continue to walk with me.

As your heart is stirred by a noble theme you will find that your heart has been changed, made whole, strengthened. For I have prepared a great work for you, my calling and my gifts will not be revoked; all that I have promised will come to pass, for I am the God of Restoration, the Keeper of your soul.

It is my delight to sit in the shade of the garden.
I hear the voice of the one I love,
Leaping over the mountains to capture my heart

O’ lover of my soul, I sing songs of joy
Your fruit is sweet to my taste.
Listen… to the sweet melodies of the Creator…
Leading us to the Dance,

Let your heart soar high above,
To the music of the cool night air, while
The Grand Fountain whispers softly,
“Come the winter is past,

The rain is gone and the flowers appear
Their Fragrance fills the Garden.
The time for singing has come!”
As we share in the intimate dance of life.

Inspired: Job 38:7, Ephesians 1:4, Psalm 91:1, Psalm 18:6, Psalm 16:8
Romans 11:29, Psalm 45:1, Song of Solomon 2:3, 8-13

Like a gentle rain, today Hear the Whisper of the Father’s Heart



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