Hope your Easter Celebrations were as Awesome as our God!

When I heard Your voice for the very first time,
my soul began to dance, and my heart began to sing.
I could hear the melody of me,
an expression of love in Your voice,

I give you my story, filled with imperfections and failures.
I give you my poetry with no rhyme, and notes without time.

I write the words of prose with my tears on stage alone.
Pages filled, reaching the end of the line of time and space.

There was no sound of you, yet I knew You were there;
Your fragrance filled the air.

What shall I write; words without life would graciously find their place,
like the quill without ink writing in vain to tell my story without you.

In the garden, looking up I search the skies
praying for the clouds to bring a message from you.

I sought for your eyes from the moment we met
I saw my life’s song and story in You and with joy, wept.

When I heard Your voice,
my soul began to dance, and my heart began to sing.
I surrendered, for in You are all my tomorrows,
All my desires, my everything, my hope and stay.
I know they begin today.

Inspired: Psalm 42:1, Zephaniah 3:17, 1 Corinthians 13:1,
Song of Solomon 8:13, Song of Solomon 6:3a

Now go and conquer your week with the Joy of Hope in you by pouring into others!


(Photo by Maxine Nadeau)