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The Captains Daughter London Beginnings book 1 by Jennifer Delamere

If you are a sucker for historical romances, this story is right up your alley. The characters were first-rate as well as the description of the theater and its workings. If you are a fan of Gilbert and Sullivan, you will enjoy how Delamere entwined their operettas with the story.

The Captain’s Daughter is about a young lady who went through a great deal in her life. Rosalyn, orphaned at an early age, had to run away from her job and was being confronted by two men when she arrived in London. Tired, hungry, and alone, Rosalyn felt comforted by a woman who offered to help her. When the woman turned out to be not such a good person, Rosalyn did not lose hope. After wandering the streets, Rosalyn’s prayers were answered when she found a job in a theatre and a place to sleep.

Nate, one of the men from the train station, was worried about her welfare and offered to help her until he returned to the army. Nate was nothing more than a gentleman. The story follows how Rosalyn and Nate struggle with their paths to help them build a future.

Rosalyn works tirelessly as a dresser backstage but is soon receiving vocal lessons from a new friend named Tony Hayes and dreaming of stepping on to the stage herself. Tony appears to be quite devoted to her, opening up further possibilities. Meanwhile, Rosalyn has developed a steady friendship with Nate and the whole Moran family and hopes he might change his mind about resuming military life.

The Captain’s Daughter is an interesting story and draws you into a different time. One where reputations matter and the life of an orphan can have many turns. Although I did enjoy this book, I was a little disappointed by the title. The cover mentions a captain on it and I was expecting an adventure on the High Seas, but this book was more about a historical fiction featuring theater life and the hustle and bustle of the behind-the-scenes of musical theater and the joy of a flawless performance. The world of a Gilbert and Sullivan production is full of gaiety, friendliness, and the daily thrill of performances.

I received a copy of the book from Bethany House Publishers for my review.


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