Take Me To The Garden

Take me to your fountain of delights into the midst of the garden, where you first told me who I am in You. Take me to the garden where you surround me with the fires of your love and wrap me in your blanket of peace.

Take me to the garden where I can hear your heart whisper where I find refuge in the shadow of your wings. Take me to the garden where I can see the light and discover mysteries and gain understanding. Where I can reflect on your word, where my spirit is recharged and renewed.

Take me to the garden that I may dwell with you in love and fill me with your unexpected treasures. where you clothe me with robes of righteousness and adorn me with precious jewels. Take me to the garden where I am ready to dance to our song on the wings of heaven.

Take me to the garden so I can be strengthened and be the good news; so, write your story on my heart. Make me a woman who walks closely with you so by your power and love I am available to heal, to honor, to bring good news, to bless those who listen. Take me to the garden that blossoms with life, beauty and plenty where in your presence there is the fullness of joy.

Inspired: Psalm 36:8-9, Isaiah 58:11, Psalm 16:11
Isaiah 61:11, Song of Solomon 4:15, Psalm 63:7, Psalm 91:4

Remember Team when you minister wherever you are …We do not just deliver the “good news” We “Are” the good news.
(Team Brilliant Staff – Graham Cooke)

Have a good week and make someone happy!

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