Who Can Satisfy…

Morning Declaration “You Satisfy my desire with good and beautiful things, you have supercharged my life, making me strong, and have restored my youth so that I can soar again like a flying eagle in the sky.” Psalm 103:5

Who Can Satisfy…

I have dug at artificial reservoirs till
I found the water of Jesus satisfies.
I have settled for crumbs till
I found the bread of Jesus makes full my hunger.

I have eaten at the world’s table till
I found the banqueting table of Jesus to be extravagant.
I have searched everywhere for peace till
I found the presence of Jesus is the fullness of joy.

I have searched for manmade cures till
I found the prince of peace that passes all understanding.
I have searched for a more perfect design till
I found the will of Jesus is perfect.

I have considered the world’s point of view till
I found the wisdom of Jesus is flawless.
I would have settle for temporal benefits till
I found the grace of Jesus is sufficient.

I have considered other lovers promises till
I found the covenant of Jesus to be certain.
I have pursued more and more till
I found that the provision of Jesus meets my needs.

I have searched for a trustworthy place to stand till
I found that the kingdom of Jesus is unshakeable.
I have sought the approval of others till
I found that the smile of Jesus was enough.

I have looked for other fountains to drink from till
I found that the River of Life is sweeter.
I have depended on my righteousness till
I found the Blood of Jesus redeems my soul.

I have been sitting in the dust till
I looked up and saw the hand of God reaching to pull me out.
I reached for his hand and he invites me
To dance with Him in the intimate dance of life

I have lived for myself till
I have found Jesus was all I needed,
I will never be the same
For He has given me new life

Job 33:4, Psalm 36:8-10, Psalm 107:9,
2 Corinthians 5:17, Psalm 23:5, John 7:38

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