Morning declaration: This is the day the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it.
Thank you, Lord for another day, I declare that your presence is the air I breathe. I live by virtue, of the divine breath, of Yehovah Almighty, for He has given me life. Job 33:4

This is what I am learning this weekend. Pursuing knowledge is good you gain information and insights to make you aware but don’t stop there. This knowledge gives you permission to understand, to comprehend, to experience the knowledge. Permission to get involved, to actively engage in your understanding. At that moment comes wisdom which is the practical application of what you learned and experience. The more you pursue knowledge, information and seek understanding you gain more wisdom for whatever you need today.

I noticed some people stop at knowledge, some go to the understanding and experience truth but stay there and some people step out and do what God called them to do. This last step is more about moving in faith not sight, this is where your hearts desires and God’s desires meet up and you move out together for the kingdom.

In writing this post, a memory came to me. It was earlier in my life I was in direct sales going to people’s homes and give a presentation and then they buy things. At that time, I was terrified because I thought of myself as invisible and couldn’t speak up among friends much less, strangers. Also, I did not drive to new places because I always got lost. God gave me courage and put those feelings aside. I got a map (no GPS), I still got lost a few times but discovered that people are forgiving and found that I could do it.

During that season I learned to step out and not let fear rule me and found God’s peace in my stepping out. I learned not to be invisible, to know my identity in Christ and discovered my value and I am loved by Father God.  Another newer example: When I heard God tell me to write “my story”, I thought “I don’t have a story!” God repeated, “write your story”. I had no clue, so I searched out and learned what I needed to do to be able to write a book (I stayed there with the knowledge for some time) and I followed through. Sometimes you must step out and fail and retry so you can do better on future projects. There is satisfaction in knowing you accomplished something. There are at least 2 more books I am supposed to write. I since discovered that writing the book itself is not an end. There is more to do regarding my book, I am currently pursuing what comes next.

Stepping out brings more steps to walk. This next step is different for each of us some may use their gifts and treasures by going into the health sector, education, politics, church, community, arts, etc. We are to go out into the world and show how we have been transformed, to make a difference in our world of influence. Know this, the revelation knowledge you have of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is determined by how much you seek after the Father’s heart. There is no condemnation where you are in your journey in life, just remember the Father invites you to more and you are loved no matter where you are in your journey seeking after God.

Following Jesus is an ongoing lifestyle where seeking after him will bring you much more than you realize. In my prophetic prose, I write about being so close to hear the Father’s heart. In that secret place, he tells us things we should know then takes us by the hand and leads us to the living waters and we are renewed and refreshed. He then takes us on a ride in His clouds of chariots and we dance among the stars as we delight in Him.

As I slept, or I was already asleep:  I perceived I saw the face of Jesus smiling: I then turned aside and saw a plant/bush with beautiful flowers – then the flowers turned into butterflies and flew off in formation. Small birds came to rest on the plant/bush when the butterflies left.

What is this? I perceived God saying:

“I am raising up my people and sending them to the nations to set people free. Those that stay behind are being raised to stay and fight the battle for hearts for the Kingdom. Watch and pray and be ready: Those that are sent out will need to rest when they return; others will take their place as they were prepared.  The time is coming and is now My Spirit will be poured out on all. There is a plan and purpose for each one.”

The Creator of all, desires/delights that you walk in the purpose you were created, when we learn the ways of God and how God speaks we will walk in comfort and peace that comes from a deeper relationship with the Father for His purpose and His glory.

I had a similar dream/vision years ago in a prayer time, a portion of it was seeing warriors coming in from battle needing restoration and other warriors heading out. Maybe the time of that vision is beginning to come to pass.

As you go out this week keep the eyes of your heart open to see what God is saying to you in your ordinary day and be willing to step out. Even small steps will make a ripple in the kingdom

Song of Solomon 1:4, Isaiah 26:3, Jeremiah 17:7-8,
Mark 16:15, Acts 2:17, Zechariah 4:10



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