A New Thing

Morning declaration: I will not be broken by the world’s fury. The Lord has surrounded me in the secret place with His love.
 Psalm 46:1-3, Song of Solomon 8:2,6-7

The secret place is a well-watered garden where the whispers of the Father’s heart is heard with clarity. Abba Father says you are unique, highly favored and extremely loved by God. I believe there is something truly special and radically unique about to happen, we only need to wait on the Lord for He will whisper what you need to hear.

Beloved, I hear your heart cry to be at my side.  You have lost some ground, do not be troubled, it is not really lost it just needs to be recalled; to be experienced again, fresh, and new. Remember, my words, my peace, my joy. Reclaim what the enemy has stolen that is rightfully yours.

Come and soar with me in the heavens and be assured of victory.  Because you have continued the journey with a whole heart I will pour out “joy” on you for all things.

Look around and rejoice in my presence and blessings. Look behind and rejoice in remembrance of the promises kept. Look ahead and rejoice in expectation of the wonderful things and the small beginning and know that I have prepared both for the path you are to take.

Do not fear to surrender yourself in worship and as you are saturated in my presence through intimacy and deep relationship; I will meet your need according to my riches, stand on my Word, for my promises are True and Amen.

The enemy thought he had you backed in a corner, it’s time to push back in the Spirit. Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you! I will cause you not just to survive, but to thrive in the dry places and even in the droughts. I will cause my spring of living water to burst forth and bring life to you and will flourish, even in the hard places; my life-giving water will spring up for I am a perpetual fountain that never runs dry. I am the water in the desert place.

 Psalm 22:28, James 4:7, Isaiah 41:18

 The Holy One who paints the sunset and sunrise with beautiful colors also formed you, fearfully and wonderfully unique. You are His workmanship and destined to be the temple of the Holy Spirit. You are made to express that authentic sound and color that you are.

Daily the bread and the wine are transforming my life
Hedge me in your place of safety in truth and peace
Your sacrifice has healed all my broken pieces
In your mercy, I have been rescued and set free

Bring the river of your spirit and let it pour deep within me.
I relinquish those areas that keep me from peace with you.
I look to you for my strength, my purpose, my joy.

I listen for your voice in the midst of this world’s chaos.
Hedge me in your place of safety, in truth, and in righteousness
Let me sit under the fountain of your delight.

 Psalm 36:8, Psalm 91:2Psalm 1:3, 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, John 7:38


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