Come to the Table

Morning Declaration: I declare Psalm 37:19 over my life, which says that even in a famine, the righteous, will have more than enough.  Instead of worrying I’m going to believe God will bring an increase in the middle of what looks like a bad situation.  I know I can trust God today because He is a trustworthy God.  Amen!

Come to the table…eat of the bread and savor the wine
Join in the feast that is prepared for you.

My heart is overflowing with a proper melody
I will recite my masterpiece of beauty and
goodness concerning my love
I pour it out in a  poem shaping the river into words.

Grace is poured from your lips with words of wisdom
The music of harps compete with the sound of your voice
You are the reason I breathe; for you breathed life into my soul
May my life be a testimony of your faithfulness

For the words of love divine, calling us in faith to draw near
To be transformed daily by the bread and the wine
Hedge me in your place of safety in truth and peace

For I have been rescued and healed by your sacrifice
If God is for us who can be against us?
As the rain falls equally on all, I will not burden my heart
With judgments but rain your kindness equally on all

Rejoice! For everyone who thirsts after righteousness
Will be satisfied with justice, peace, and mercy
Moreover, his soul will be strengthened with joy
The darkness will be rolled back with the light of his love

Come to the table…eat of my bread and savor the wine
Join in the feast that is prepared for you.


Psalm 45:1, John 6:51, Psalm 107:9, Nehemiah 8:10

bread and wine

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