Morning Declaration: I will be transformed into the Lord’s likeness. As I behold Him – He does the transforming. I will behold your face until I see you for who you really are. Then I will awaken with your likeness and be fully satisfied, fulfilled in the revelation of your glory in me!

I asked the LORD what he wanted me to know today: I heard the whisper of the Father’s heart to me: Just as you wore the likeness of the man of the earth, so you will wear the likeness of the man from heaven. I will give you robes of righteousness and adorn you with my treasures. Dear one, remember this when in need I will reach down from the sky to the sea to pull you out of the ocean of hate, the flood of chaos, in the void where you thought you were drowning. Know this, my love will breakthrough and I will rescue you and place you in a beautiful broad place because my delight is in you. Step into my presence and delight and enjoy being with me and I will mold you and communicate to you into my image, my healing, my kindness, my joy, my peace, my wisdom and there is more to come, continue to seek after me.

Psalm 17:15, Psalm 18:19, 1 Corinthians 15:49

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