Love Changes Everything: Finding what’s Real in a World Full of Fake

From the book “We must become possed with the truth of love.”  We all crave love. We try to fill the void inside with any number of poor substitutes. We change who we are to impress people who don’t care. Yet we are desperate to find a love that never fails.  This book begins to show us where to find this truth of love.

Some reviewers say that the book was too shallow. Throughout the centuries many books have been written about love, all aspects of love, the romance, the angst, the emotions and none of them did not have all the answers. I suspect many more books will be written about love and they too will be incomplete.

In this book, the author explains the difference between the worlds definition of what true love is and God’s biblical definition and illustrates perfectly with the story of Hosea and Gomer. This is one of my favorite stories for it tells of how God will pursue me to the ends of the earth even when I don’t understand or deserve it.

The profound truths are the ones that are stated simply for the new believer to grasp and for those that need a reminder that God’s love is the ultimate desire. I love the easy way he relates his earthly father’s love to the love of God as Father.

Most of us know about love but we don’t go further to experience the truth of God’s love for us personally. This book reminds us that it is there to search out. I recommend this book. I received a copy of this book from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group for my review.



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