Today’s entry is a bit different from what I usually write, but I felt the Lord say to write it in this manner. I hope you are blessed.

Morning declaration: I will call on the Lord; He will answer, He will show great and mighty things I have yet to learn.

One rainy night the child stares at the night sky. The child watches the thunder and lightning play against each other. The wind and rain move the trees in rhythm to the thunder. The child listens carefully: can you hear it?

The child’s spirit listens; hears the father whisper His love and the child’s heart is comforted. The child is grateful and there is so much to be grateful for. The child looks up as if waiting for an answer. The child is still trying to find their place, still trying to fit in, finding where their passion is appreciated. Filled with childlike faith and wonders: is it time to move on? The world is in a scary time but following the Holy Spirit is always an adventure for a risk worth taking. Through experience, going through the gate, the child wonders “why didn’t I do this sooner?”  God is always patient, always faithful, always good!

The Father whispers and my heart hears you say:

 “Listen and hear my voice, pay attention, and hear what I say. Watch as I orchestrate the dawn. Are you ready? Come with me!” and my heart responds, “LORD, I’M COMING!”

Amos 5:8, Isaiah 28:23, Psalm 27:8, Joel 3:16, Jeremiah 33:3,



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