Morning declaration: I am kept and protected by Yehovah God for He is my refuge. I choose to put my trust in my Father God!

I listen for the whispers of the Father’s Heart:

Delight in me and remember what I am like and what I have done for you. I have given all to you promised by the Cross at Calvary. Delight in me and I will soften your heart. Trust in me again, trust in my word again. Look past the circumstances to know that my promises are true and amen. Delight in me and see my work to bring forth what is already yours, look again to that promise you stopped trusting and believing for. Delight is the key to that promise coming to pass. Delight is the weapon to fight for that promise that is yours. Come dance with me, your well-being and success are in my hands, I delight in you. Beloved come and be safe in the shadow of my wings, safe to sing my song, safe to love. Be filled with the joy of my presence and I will make known to you the path of life; for at my right hand are pleasures forevermore. Come and taste and see that I long to bring good to you.

When my heart is overcome, and worries increase.
I will set my eyes on Yeshua Prince of Peace.
As Your Word is proclaimed, all my fears are put to flight.
You are the Word that brings Comfort and Light.
My heart is filled with love and hope.
In Your Word, every promise comes my way.
When Your hand of grace rescued me.
Love came down and set me free.
boundary lines have fallen in pleasant places
Surely, I have a wonderful inheritance by your grace.

Psalm 37:3-5, Exodus 14:13-14, 2 Samuel 22:20,
Song of Solomon 6:3, Psalm 16

daughter of the king.06.23.2020_InPixio

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