Wrap Yourself In His Presence

Morning declaration: I will call upon his name and wrap myself in his presence.  I will walk with Jesus and pray my eyes will see the miracles around me; For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. Thank you, Lord, that I am saved from darkness and called into your marvelous light so that I might know the truth of who you are and be wrapped in your love.

…This Christmas, Lord, I call upon you to clear our eyes so that we can get to see the wonder, joy and hope again. Show us again the life you have for us, let us see the miracle of hope, love, joy, and Jesus this Christmas.

To walk in joy: *Joy* is a function of *gratitude, * and *gratitude* is a function of *perspective. * You only begin to change your life — when you begin to *change the way you see. *

Let’s walk with Jesus and pray for our eyes to see the most miraculous things: to turn everything inside out. People care about the wrapping paper on the outside – but God cares about the inside gifts – the heart.

1 Chronicles 16:8, Psalm 50:15, Romans 10:13, Psalm 5:12
excerpt The Greatest Christmas.com Ann Voskamp

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