Morning declaration: We are made in the image of God and there is a part of who He is that shows up through each of us!  Psalm 139

 Today you have set your gaze upon me and I will be your forever love and I will spend my life singing praises to you, my God every day of my life!  When my soul is famished, you satisfy my desire with good and beautiful things. You have renewed and empowered my life so that I may soar again like a flying eagle in the sky!  

I wait to hear the Whispers of the Father’s heart:
Come away with me and rest awhile Set your gaze on the path before you. With fixed purpose, looking straight ahead, ignoring life’s distractions.  Watch where you are going!

Stick to the path of truth, and the road will be safe and smooth before you.  Do not allow yourself to be sidetracked for even a moment or take the detour that leads to darkness. Keep watch – And now consider this. You know well the times you are living in. It is time for you to wake up and see what is right before your eyes: for salvation is nearer now than when you first believed.

Remember you are a reflection of me, let Holy Spirit lead you – In a world where you can be anything…be kind, tenderhearted, compassionate, be honest, be helpful, be grateful, be happy and forgive as you have been forgiven.  Keep your lamps filled with oil. Are you ready? I am returning soon!

Mark 6:31Psalm 146:2, Psalm 103:5, Proverbs 4:25-27,
Ephesians 4:32Galatians 6:10, Revelation 22:12

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