Morning Declaration: Let your light and truth lead me back to your holy mountain and your dwelling place, the place of worship in your presence to sing my thanks to my magnificent God! Psalm 43:3-4

I listen for the whispers of the Father’s Heart:  Abide in me, and I will breathe life into your spirit and bring light to your eyes. Embrace my life-giving light and you will never walk in darkness. When you give praise, I will release my lightning arrows to scatter the enemy!

Praise is the weapon to silence the enemy
I will sing your name in the dark and it will change everything
With all that I am I will sing and claim the victory
When I praise, you will break down every wall
I will watch the giants of fear fall
Your song is my faith that overcomes the raging sea
When I praise, you calm the storms inside of me
Praise is MY weapon to silence the enemy.

John 8:12, Psalm 18:14, Psalm 13:3, John 15:7

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