I Am Protected

Morning Declaration: I am protected, Yehovah is my shield. My head is lifted up above all my troubles. All my prayers, cries, and concerns are heard and answered by Him, for He is Faithful! Psalm 3:3-4 

I hear his whisper in my heart:  Listen to the feeling in your spirit, way down low, hear it calling, like a compass in your soul; Saying child come on back now You’ve been gone too long, let me lead you back to where you belong, right next to me. ~Jordan Feliz, Lyrics Next to Me.(changed to personalize)

All the cares of this world suddenly fade away when I remember the goodness of the LORD!

When I have been betrayed…Your Love Brings
                 Comfort to my hurting heart.

When I am surrounded by darkness…Your Love Brings
                the Light to my eyes.

When I am weak with sickness…Your love Brings
               Life to my bones and a spring to my step.

When I am in the depths of my sin…Your Love Brings
               An overwhelming flood of mercy.

When I am blinded by the Worlds promises…Your Love Brings
               Wings to my Dreams.

When I long to hear You…Your Love Brings
                the music of the stars.

When I long to see Your wonders…Your Love Brings
                 The Light dancing in the Heavens.

When I stumble…Your Love Brings
                  Strength to stand on your mountain.

When I cannot think any longer…Your Love Brings
                   Inspiration to my soul.

When The culture is dismal and gloomy…Your Love Brings
                   Color to the flowers and joy to my being.

When I need encouragement…Your Love Brings
                    The gentle wind in my life that whispers my name.

When I have nothing to say…Your Love Brings
                     A testimony that overflows with living water.

Most of all…Your Love Brings… Embraces with the Kiss of Heaven.

2 Thessalonians 2:17, Psalm 13:3, Psalm 18:33,
Job 38:7, Psalm 36:8-9, John 7:38, Psalm 85:10

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